I am completely addicted to a program who makes polaroids from your picture! I prehaps have like 100 polaroids made from pictures I never posted (Well I think I never posted them, I can’t remember everything because I have more than 5000 pictures on my computer)

I already posted some of them on my FB and received a lot of questions about the program I use, so I think polaroids will be the next hot thinks to post 🙂

~ door Pauline Grossen op november 9, 2011.

12 Reacties to “Polaroids”

  1. Prachtige resultaten met deze polaroids !
    Mijn favoriet is : Me and my guitar , echt cool……..

  2. Supergaaf, die foto ‘red lips’ is mooi! Ik ben nu ook benieuwd welk programma het is hahaha.

  3. Ik hou ook van de polaroids, ze zijn speciaal! Mooi zijn je foto’s!

  4. Dank u 🙂 Ik ben al verslaafd 😉

  5. I love your polaroids, very beautiful work !!

  6. Thank you!

  7. Super mooi!!

  8. met welk programma heb je dit gedaan?

  9. Zalig!

  10. CUTE! very cool program…… love that poleroid affect!

  11. WOW !!!!! did you really tease your hair up like that…… how long did you leave it in the frizzzzzzzz>?????

  12. just about an hour and half 🙂 Not too long I think

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