Belle de Jour

~ door Pauline Grossen op december 12, 2011.

7 Reacties to “Belle de Jour”

  1. Whauw,Plientje…..deze vindt ik superrrrmooi !
    Samen met mama & papa wens ik jou héél véél succes toe tijdens de
    Nog een dikke zoen….smak….

  2. very beautiful pic++++++ how is your basketball team doing this year? has the season started for you yet? my team just settled a stupid contract owner lockout and so they are cutting the season short by 30 games this year…… so weird ……. they couldn’t decide how to cut up a 3 billion dollar a year pie……… without much squabbling! its over though, and its < game on time!!! ciao

  3. cool…. good luck to them++++ i know you will enjoy the dancing!!! ciao

  4. Wat een mooie foto!!

  5. Merry Christmas Pauline! Hope you have a wonderful, peaceful but exciting 2012 girl+++++ you deserve it!!!!! your simply awesome(^_~) ciao

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